18th Century Re-Enactment in the UK

Our Research

We plan to publish as much of our internal research into recreating the material culture and practices of the people of the American War of Independence as possible for both military and civilian impressions. This will include transcripts of source material, original essays and papers, and links to other useful resources on the Internet. If you have anything you'd like to have published here, please don't hesitate to ask — please email info@redsandrevs.co.uk for submissions.


Original articles, guides to reproductions, and transcripts of interesting out of print or unpublished secondary sources.

17th Regiment

Original articles about the 17th Regiment of Foot, it's history and our "impression" of the soldiers who served in it.


Uniform & Equipment of the 17th Regiment

A summary of the sources for the uniform of the 17th Regiment during the American War of Independence.



Other Reproductions

Details of our reproduction items of late 18th century material culture, not specific to any particular impression.


Transcripts of period books, pamphlets and letters, plus other articles of interest in the public domain.

Clothing & Uniform

Recruitment & Drill

Original Works

We have created a number of original works that support our activities. They are licensed to share-alike, so that others may make use of them. Please do contribute back with updates and amendments via info@redsandrevs.co.uk