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17th Regiment
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40th Regiment,
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About Us

Redcoats and Revolutionaries is an association of re-enactment societies who portray soldiers and civilians of the American War of Independence. Our Objectives are:


How does it work?

We perform at events around the UK, playing the parts of the people of the Revolutionary war. As a prospective member, you must choose with who your allegiance lies: with HIS MAJESTY KING GEORGE III or with the REVOLUTIONARIES of the colonies. From there we tailor scenarios to entertain and inform about one of the most important conflicts in world history.

The society can provide access to suppliers, or patterns of construction for a variety of late 18th Century clothing, accouterments and equipment. At our regular meetings, and vibrant online group, we plan, discuss and decide on upcoming events, scenarios, sessions, kit making, research and much more.

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