Redcoats and Revolutionaries

American Revolutionary War and 18th Century Re-Enactment in the UK

Royal Cypher of King George III, G.R.

MEN OF VALOUR An Appeal To Arms


Persons wishing to enlist into this fine regiment shall find themselves superior in every way, a Company of HEROES that strikes fear into the enemies of OLD ENGLAND AND SILENCE THE TONGUES OF REBELLION



Redcoats & Revolutionaries is a Living History and Historical Re-Enactment group based in the East Midlands of the UK. Our aim is to recreate aspects of the American War of Independence from both British and American perspectives. We craft clothing and equipment, and learn period techniques to portray ordinary soldiers and working poor of the late 18th Century.

As a prospective member, you may choose with who your allegiance lies: with HIS MAJESTY KING GEORGE III or with the REVOLUTIONARIES of the colonies. Or perhaps hedge your bets and seek opportunities in other professions. Whatever you choose, we'll work together on tailored scenarios to entertain and inform audiences around the UK about one of the most important conflicts in world history.

Below are the representations that we currently create historical 'impressions' of:

Civilian Trades & Crafts

We don’t just portray the soldiers and campaigns of war, but also the ordinary people and how they were affected by the conflict during the American War of Independence.

The centrepiece to this is our Tavern, the Cock and Bull, where people mingle, share a drink, and get involved in intrigues aplenty. Is the landlord secretly a rebel? Is that lady a spy for the crown?!

17th Regiment of Foot

Our 17th Regiment impression displays a company of regular infantry deployed by Britain during the American Revolutionary War. The soldiers of the 17th, drawn from all walks of life, were crucial parts of major actions throughout the war, earning a rare citation of bravery for their charge, while surrounded, at the Battle of Princeton in January 1777.

40th Regiment, Light Coy.

Flank companies, or light infantry, were picked from the most able soldiers to carry out special duties. They'll be found scouting ahead of the army, or guarding crucial passes, and fighting in the American fashion in dense woodland.

The 40th Regiment's Light Company was detached to the 2nd Battalion of Light Infantry and served with distinction, including General Charles 'no flint' Grey's night time attack on American supplies at Paoli in September 1777.

1st Pennsylvania Regiment

On the American side, one of the most distinguished regiments of the Continental Line. Initially drawn up as a battalion of riflemen, they were reorganised in 1776 as the 1st Continental Regiment, and then as the 1st Pennsylvania Regiment in 1777.

Seeing action throughout the war, the 1st held the "post of honor" on the far right flank of Wayne's Division during the Battle of Germantown in October 1777.

Our Events

We perform at public events throughout the year, bringing our expansive Living History displays and demonstrations to audiences of all ages. We can cater to events of different sizes: from pop-up history displays where costumed interpreters perform in-character to a crowd, to a larger military encampment with battle demonstrations using real black-powder weapons.

Take a look at our Events page for more information.

Joining Us

Our members are history enthusiasts from all walks of life. While re-enactment can be expensive, we don't want the overall cost to be a barrier, so we have lots of clothing and equipment to lend, and suppliers for the budget conscious. Members must be 18 years of age or above, but families are welcome... Our youngest participant was 4 months old!

To find out more about who we are, what we do, and how to join, take a look at your Joining page.