Redcoats and Revolutionaries

18th Century Re-Enactment in the UK

Redcoats and Revolutionaries can provide a range of displays to suit your event, whether we are the main attraction at an historical event, or small part of a larger show.

We have an extensive Living History display that consists of British and Rebel military encampments, including our 3-pounder canon, and a 'tavern' that serves as a focal point for dramatic conflict. Costumed members are on hand throughout the event to either play their character in an immersive presentation, or converse with audiences in an entertaining and factual way.

17th Fatigue Cap

Pop-Up History Events

For many smaller events we can bring a selection of people — soldiers and civilians alike — as a stand-up attraction. Rather than pitching lots of tents, we can roam a site or venue, interacting with the audience in 1st person, or as costumed interpreters discussing history and the use of equipment we have brought. This can be pretty hands on, with most of our equipment being safe to handle (we even have inert muskets without sharp flints).

We can perform at indoor or outdoor venues. We've set a blacksmiths shop up on the lawn of a cathedral, and at Leicester's "Military History Live" in 2018, we even wheeled our cannon into a conference hall!

18th century reenactment blacksmith

Living History Events

Living History is the term we use to describe events where we expect to be resident at a site with tents and other large hardware, whether it's a single-day or multi-day event over a weekend. For these kind of events we will set up an encampment, depending on the availability of our volunteer members this is usually a military encampment, a number of crafts, and a tavern — the Cock and Bull.

We can perform scheduled events throughout the day, such as tactical demonstrations where we test the skill and training of our troops, or skirmishes: small scale battle re-enactments with live gunpowder.

But most of the time we spend in camp talking to the audience, showing them 18th Century crafts, martial discipline (like basic training, musket loading etc), games and pastimes and more.

soldiers in a house

Dramatic Presentation

At events where we are the main attraction, we can perform a rolling scenario where each sketch build the narrative to a crescendo, resulting in a dramatic battle between Redcoats and Revolutionaries.

An example: a pastor delivers a seditious sermon to his congregation (based on a real speech), which provokes the local British commander to arrest the fiery preacher. Later a British guard is captured by rebels in retaliation and a prisoner exchange is arranged. The exchange is going well until a lone rifleman fires, setting off a confrontation that ends with the officer being wounded. Determined to drive the rebels away, the British column advances on the 'town' and a pitched battle ensues — what can't be decided through cannon and musket fire ends on the tip of a bayonet!

This is just one example of the many scenarios we can perform to give a real sense of the conflict and intrigues of the American Revolutionary War.

Where to see us in 2024

These are our public events & we also run members only events such as training weekends, dinners and more. Get in touch to join us!

April 6th
Belgrave Hall, Leicester
April 6th & 7th
No Man's Land, Bodrhyddan Hall, Dyserth, North Wales
April 20th & 21st
ILHF, Avoncroft Museum, Bromsgrove
May 11th & 12th
Milton Keynes Museum History Festival
May 25th, 27th & 28th
Soldiers Through The Ages,
Castle Rising, King's Lynn
June 29th
Military History Live, Leicester Adult Learning Centre
July 6th & 7th
Moira Furnace American War of independence Weekend
August 16th to 18th
The Western Show, Malvern Three Counties Showground
September TBC
Cromford Mills, Derbyshire
September 21st & 22nd
Oakwell Hall, Batley, West Yorkshire

For the most up to date information, check out our Facebook Page.

Private Events

We also organise a number of 'members only' events throughout the year, affectionately known as 'chips and gunpowder' weekends, where we get together to train in period drill, finish sewing and crafting projects, and enjoy company over chips and drinks. If you'd like to get involved in re-enacting the 18th Century, find out more about joining us here.

Book us!

Redcoats and Revolutionaries has the expertise and exceptional track-record to make your event great. To help you plan your event, we will need to consider the following:

  • Camping space and suitability — depending on how many tents we need to bring will govern the space required, but most of our tents are 8' x 6' in size, with extra space needed for guy ropes, and ingress/egress. Extra space between tents is needed for people in wheelchairs, or parents with pushchairs. The ground will need to be suitable for putting in 9-12" pegs, and not prone to standing water or flooding.
  • Arena space — to perform battle displays we need a marked arena, usually a double barrier (rope, tape or fence) with the distance between the inner and outer rope/barrier being at least 6' apart.
  • Water, WC and Wood — this may seem obvious, but we need 24 hour access to fresh drinking water, lavatory facilities, and if overnight camping is expected, fire wood. These are NOT included in any price quoted and must be provided by the sponsor. If hiring portaloos for multi-day events, you need to take into account that participants will be using them overnight when calculating man-hours.
  • Event scheduling — we will discuss exactly what displays or arena events we will be able to perform, but usually in a 6-hour event day we can perform multiple times, use a rolling-scenario format, or other formats depending on the scope and flavour of the event.
  • Site and vehicle access — we need drivable access to the camping area to unload and load our equipment. Setups for larger events are usually done on days preceding the event, so we will need unrestricted access to the camping area during this time. On the event day, we are happy to remove vehicles from the event area, but will need access the moment the event closes to the public (particularly for emergencies in the evenings when the event is closed).
  • We will almost always require a site-visit with new clients to assess the event area, and discuss details.

To discuss your needs in detail, contact us.