Regimental Buttons

17th Regiment

Our primary evidence for buttons comes from the excavation of a camp in New York between 1907 and 1927. The excavations were recorded in 'The Graphic' in 1913 and later in the regimental magazine. Eventually the buttons were presented to the regimental museum in Leicester.

The officers buttons were plated in silver. Other ranks buttons were a high-tin content alloy, similar to modern pewter.

The shank is wire soldered/brazed onto the rear of the button, which are domed.

The buttons come in different sizes; the coat buttons are larger (approx. to 0.9") than waistcoat buttons (approx. 0.7"). The other ranks buttons appear to be engraved, whereas the officers buttons have a more intricate relief pattern.


Private Soldier's coat buttons of the 17th regiment
Reproduction other ranks waistcoat buttons produced by Peter 'Dagr' Holyoake.
Officers button of the 17th regiment
Also produced by Peter 'Dagr' Holyoake, this Officer's Waistcoat button is cast from pewter rather than silver, but it is our intention to have silver reproductions made in the future. Peter's website is here.

40th Regiment

Buttons of the 40th Regiment
Reproduction other ranks light company buttons produced by Peter 'Dagr' Holyoake.

47th Regiment

Buttons of the 47th Regiment
Reproduction other ranks frock coat buttons produced by Peter 'Dagr' Holyoake.


Buttons of the 17th Foot 1777-84 found during excavations in New York. Presented by major H.S. Pinder. now in the Newarke Houses museum, Leicester. Click image for bigger view.
A sketch of the coat buttons of the Other Ranks (Left) and Officer (right) from the original excavation report. (Currently uncatalogued in the Leicestershre Records office.)
A sketch of silver buttons of an officer in the 17th.