Redcoats and Revolutionaries

Who are we?

Redcoats and Revlutionaries is a new Re-enactment Society based in Leicester, UK. Our objectives are:

  • To research and re-enact, with close attention to historical accuracy, the American War of Independence (1775--1783), with specific portrayals of the British 17th Regiment of Foot and Civilian elements including Continental Militia, Craftsmen and Criminals.
  • To entertain members of the public at events throughout the UK and further afield by participating in dramatic presentations, interactive living history displays and battle re-enactment.

Why this period?

Amazing costumes, incredible tales of heroism, victory, defeat, treachery and loyalty - and you'll get to fire real muskets! It's also an incredibly important chapter in our history, and one we feel should be more prominent in our collective consciousness.

Don Troiani's Impression of a Soldier of the 17th Foot.


An Appeal To Arms

Persons wishing to enlist into this fine regiment shall find themselves superior in every way, a Company of HEROES that strikes fear into the enemies of OLD ENGLAND AND SILENCE THE TONGUES OF REBELLION



Heroes of Princetowne

a Private of the first class shall receive 8d a day paid regularly with the bonus of honour & glory Goode and honest men need only apply at the sign of the Saracens Head in this noble towne.

Printed by Messers Thomas and Bond – Cheapside Leicester

The above was from a recruitment poster in Leicester circa 1780. The 'Saracens Head' is now Molly O'Grady's (Hotel Street).

18th Century Recruitment Picture
An artists impression of a British Army recruitment party. Redcoats and Revolutionaries will be using recruitment as a scenario for our first season of re-enactment.


You can join us at our regular monthly meeting, or at any of our events. Alternatively you can download our membership form and send it to us in the post or via email. Please also take a look at our constitution, which includes our aims and objectives and other key information.

Membership costs £25 a year which pays for your Public Liability Insurance and goes towards buying club equipment. There is also an optional kit fund that you can pay into to help spread the cost of getting your kit. We recommend you put £10-30 a month into this until you have all the kit you need.